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Automate TradingView alerts with bot

Integrating TradingView alerts with automated trading

What is TradingView?

TradingView describes themselves as a social network for traders and investors, more generally it is a charting tool that enables you to do technical analysis on cryptocurrencies, stocks and other commodities.

What are TradingView alerts?

TradingView has a feature called "Alerts". You can add Alerts on pretty much anything on your chart - when the price of a commodity rises over/under a certain price point, technical indicator's value changes or price crosses a line you drew. Alerts help you to get notified if there is something happening in the (cryptocurrency) markets.

Why should you automate TradingView alerts?

Reacting to an alert going off takes a long time for an average human, if we take into consideration how fast markets can change. It involves running to your computer or grabbing your phone from your pocket, logging into the exchange and entering a trade. All of those wasted seconds or even minutes can result in you missing a valuable opportunity in the markets.

The solution is following TradingView alerts with a bot. Our trading bot will automate inserting a trade based on a set of instructions (such as entry and exit price points) created by you. As our servers are located near the exchange, our bot never misses an opportunity to enter a trade or close it.

So what are you waiting for?
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TradingView Integration