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Designing and backtesting trading strategies for crypto markets

Learning a programming language, gathering data for years, writing a script to backtest different strategies, learning about statistics and technical analysis and writing a bot to execute the strategy - if all that sounds like too much for you then don't worry - we have already done all the hard work for you.

Designing a trading strategy

Using our strategy designer, designing a day trading strategy (for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies) is as simple as choosing from a list of technical indicators or candlestick patterns and adding them to list of conditions. Next step is setting up conditions for opening a trade and closing a trade. Setting up order settings for entries, targets and stop loss and pressing a run button. There is no need to learn technical analysis to make money trading cryptocurrencies.

Backtesting strategies on historical data

Our system will take care of running simulations on historical data to find out if the strategy would have worked in the past.

As a result you will get a full list of trades that would have matched with your strategy's conditions. In order to make sure you will find the best day trading cryptocurrency strategy possible, we have also included a list of common statistics used when measuring the performance of a trading strategy, such as profit and loss over time, maximum drawdown period, number of trades executed, number of successful trades etc.

Executing trades based on a strategy

Now that you have found a working strategy that generates passive income trading cryptocurrencies, it is time to either execute the strategy manually or let our trading bot do the hard work for you. In order to set up the trading bot you have to attach an account (in an exchange of your choosing) to your strategy.

After setting up the bot you can sit back and relax - our bot is making money trading cryptocurrencies for you.

Using a premade trading strategy

If creating a custom strategy seems like too much work for you then you can head over to our Strategy Marketplace, where other traders have shared their working strategies with you. These strategies can be as simple as choosing cryptocurrencies to invest in or more complicated one's like arbitrage trading strategies and swing trading.

So what are you waiting for?
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