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Multi Exchange Portfolio Management & Trading Tool

Managing accounts on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges

Not having a clear overview of your accounts on multiple exchanges is a pain. What if you want to buy Bitcoin on spot exchange and at the same time enter a leveraged position on Bitmex?

Our Dashboard - The MVP of Cryptocurrency portfolio management

Our dashboard gives you a clear overview of what is happening on all of your accounts on different exchanges. You can see statistics about your portfolio distribution, changes over time and value in your currency of choosing (such as Bitcoin or US dollar).

Portfolio distribution
Portfolio distribution metric shows you how much of your portfolio is in a single cryptocurrency (both percentage and fiat currency wise). Using our portfolio distribution metric you can easily see if you are too heavily invested into one single cryptocurrency - putting all of your eggs into one basket is never a good idea.

Portfolio value over time
The graph of portfolio value over time gives you a clear direction of how well your portfolio is performing and how much the value has increased or decreased.

The smart trading terminal

Our multi exchange portfolio manager & trading terminal allows you to execute trades instantaneously on all of our supported exchanges or set up queued / triggered trades that get executed as soon as a predetermined condition set by you is met. Getting in and out of positions at the right time is essential and having the right tools to do so is a must - be smart and stay ahead of the competition.

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Multi Exchange Trading Terminal