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Bitcoin & Crypto Signals

Following crypto trading signals from professional traders

What are crypto trading signals?

Crypto trading signals (or crypto calls) are basically trade ideas that professional traders share. They usually include risk management, entry, target and stop loss zones. Trading signals are helpful if you don't have the time or willpower to learn trading yourself, but would like to generate a passive income through day trading cryptocurrencies. Usually it is best to use multiple signal providers to manage risk, when one of the providers is having a bad period.

Who are the professional cryptocurrency traders?

The signal providers on our platform are traders who have been trading cryptocurrencies (some with leverage, others not) for years. All of the signal providers on our platform have a good track record of being able to stay a head of the market over long periods of time.

Choosing the right cryptocurrency signals provider for you

Picking the right signal provider can be difficult, we have tried to make it as simple as possible by listing the exchanges that the provider uses, currency pairs they commonly trade and statistics about past performance. Under the statistics you can see full list of their trades, averages profit and loss over time and the number of signals they give over a period of time (such as month).

While choosing a signal provider it is important to remember that past good performance does not guarantee future success.

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